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IT Security and CyberSecurity Services

 IT Security Services

IT Security encompasses many areas where CLEAR Consulting can assist you, from interim / virtual CISO services, security assessments, to security program implementation and management, and third-party assessments and vetting. 

Our expertise in IT Security and our decades of experience as CISOs, Security Professionals and Security Consultants means we can offer you insightful advice on how to quickly and effectively address your security concerns and threats. Here are a few solutions we have provided our customers, which we can customize for you: 

CISO services: 

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO) and Interim CISO - for when you are not ready for a full-time CISO but need IT Security program implementation and solutions right now​

  • CISO on Call - for when you need security advice that is just in time (JIT) and a phone call away

IT Security Assessments:

  • IT Security Assessment of IT Operations and Key Business Processes

  • Independent Post-Incident and Data Breach Investigations, with Risk Assessment and Intelligence Reporting

  • Comprehensive Entitlement Review and Privileged User Management

IT Security Program Implementation and Management:

  • Application and Cloud Security Requirements for RFPs, POCs, and Implementations

  • Customized Security Policies, Procedures, and Hardening Standards that reflect your business but also get you compliant

  • Corporate-wide Security Awareness Training and Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) Training and Testing

Independent, Third-Party Assessments and Management:

  • Third-party Vendor and Service Provider Security Vetting, Assessments, and Management

  • Managed Security Services Program (MSSP) and other IT Services Contract Review and Negotiations Assistance. As former CIOs and CISOs, we know what services should cost and how to negotiate discounts. 

 CyberSecurity Services

With everything moving to the cloud and the workforce becoming more mobile and remote, the need to keep your resources safe and compliant while keeping your employees productive rises to new levels. For most, these are unchartered waters. 

We are CyberSecurity experts who have experience moving entire IT organizations to the cloud. We help you navigate the myriad of available services with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Armor, and Rackspace. More importantly, we guide you on the security services you need to protect your data and, if applicable to your business, stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI, FDA quality assurance, and the various financial regulatory requirements.

A mobile, remote workforce can be the biggest risk for data loss and theft of private data. Did you know that a stolen/lost laptop of an employee or contractor, that happens to have 500 or more patient records, results in a reportable HIPAA breach? The incident has to be reported to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). However, we make sure our clients deploy hard drive encryption, which means the incident does not have to be reported to OCR. We have deployed global mobile device management (MDM) programs that keep our clients' data locked down, encrypted, and compliant. 

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