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IT Risk Services

We are the experts in IT Risk Services. "Risk" is in our name because it is part of everything we do because risk is involved in everything IT organizations do. IT Security benefits from Risk Management. IT Compliance requires Risk Assessments.

Most companies take two ill-advised approaches to risk - They either ignore risk or are paralyzed by risk. We specialize in assessing your IT risks quickly and providing the information to you succinctly in strategic roadmaps with actionable options. While most consulting companies stop at providing a risk register and a business impact assessment, we go further. Based on an understanding of your business and IT organization and our vast experience, we provide clients with a Prioritized Risk Mitigation/Remediation chart and road map. Plotting risks by their ranking and by the effort level to mitigate/remediate those risks, enables a prioritized approach to address high risks that can be quickly resolved with low effort (or "low-hanging fruit") while developing projects and budgets to address high risks that require more effort over one or more years. We know that every risk cannot be addressed all at once, which is why we advise you on how to gain those quick wins and credibility with upper-management in order to get the necessary support and budget allocation to finish the job. 

Here are some of the IT Risk Assessments we have done for our clients and can be customized to address your needs:

  • Risk Assessment of your company's IT Operations and Security/Compliance Posture and Maturity Levels

  • Risk Assessment for HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory compliance requirements

  • Risk Assessment for evaluating a company's IT Operations and Security/Compliance posture prior to acquisition or merger

  • Risk Assessment after a reportable data breach or security incident (which may be court ordered) 

  • Insider Threat Risk Assessment for intelligence or potential fraud investigation

  • Third-party Service Provider Risk Assessment for due diligence and compliance reasons

  • Risk Assessment of proposed application enhancements/changes and service offerings

  • Risk Assessment of proposed network and infrastructure changes e.g. moving to the cloud, moving to another hosting facility, major upgrades and conversions, etc. 

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