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About Us

Why Choose CLEAR Consulting?

01. We understand your Security, Risk, and Compliance concerns
03. We know what the auditors are looking for

Are you getting letters from regulators, banks, or external auditors on your compliance status? or inquiries from current or prospective clients on your security posture? We provide quick, but in-depth analysis, documentation, and actionable insight.


We're experts at readiness assessments, remediation and interfacing with auditors and security professionals because we are auditors and security professionals. As a result, your company will be prepared to pass those critical audits from PCI to HIPAA and SOX and your security posture will be strengthened. 

04. We don't have the overhead of large consulting companies

We work with you on setting realistic objectives based on your resources, timelines, and budgets. If every objective cannot be done with a given set of engagement parameters, we let you know up-front what can be done now and provide a road map to achieve the more long-range objectives.

Because we don't have the overhead that large consulting companies have, we can be quicker to respond to our clients' needs and offer realistic rates. You may know that engaging a Big 4 consulting firm can really add up hourly. In addition to multiple consultants, you're paying for their manager, regional manager, and practice partner for a single engagement. What you may not know is that most of the time, you're assigned campus-hires to be on-site, and each Big 4 firm has to support hundreds of partners who have retired and continue to receive their highest salary for the rest of their retirement years. We know this because we have worked for Big 4 firms and learned firsthand how they operate. 

We are experts in Security, Risk, and Compliance because we have decades of experience as CISOs, VPs of IT, Security Directors, Security Architects, Network Engineers, and Big 4 Consultants. 

We have experienced the same operational challenges of protecting corporate resources in the face of increasing threats and project demands with decreasing budgets and timelines. Feel like you have to change the tires while the car is running? We know how that feels and can help you with the urgent matter in front of you, as well as work toward a longer strategy to quickly detect / address or even prevent those fires from occurring. 


02. We can assess situations quickly because we've seen it before  

We can size up most situations quickly to perform SRC (security / risk / compliance) assessments because we have a diverse base of experience. We have worked with companies of all sizes, from small non-profits to global conglomerates. Our experience spans an exhaustive list of industries: 

  • Health Science (pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies)

  • Healthcare Providers (hospitals and primary care organizations)

  • Retail and eCommerce (restaurant chains, shopping networks, and hospitality companies)

  • Telecommunications (cable and Internet service providers)

  • Finance (banks, credit unions, and credit reporting companies)

  • Insurance (life, business, and health insurance companies)

  • Non and Not-for-Profit (charities, co-ops, and associations)

  • Education (campus-based and online universities)

Chances are that we have seen your situation before and know exactly what needs to be done. We give you the benefits of our diverse experience. 


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