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Business Process Management Services

For most IT professionals and even IT Leaders, ITIL/ITSM and BPM are just ambiguous acronyms that large companies aspire toward. What do they mean from a practical sense and why should small and medium-size companies care? What do we need with an IT Infrastructure Library anyway? (really, a "library....?")

Simply stated: ITIL, ITSM, and BPM are about customer service, being able to measure it (metrics) and optimize it (KPIs: key performance indicators). We can implement a full turn-key solution for you or a customized one that integrates with the systems and processes you already have. We can even get you started with our ITIL, ITSM, and BPM "Lite" solutions, where we implement just the components you need right now. Because it is modular, you can add on more as you build up your Customer Service program.

Call us to get started, right away. Your customers are waiting...  

  • ITIL Readiness Assessments

  • Full to Partial Customized ITIL Implementations

  • ITSM (IT Service Management) Evaluation & Customer Service Improvement:

    • ITIL Service Strategy

      • Service portfolio management

      • Financial management of IT service

      • Demand management

      • Business relationship management

      • Strategy management for IT services

    • ITIL Service Design

    • ITIL Service Transition

    • ITIL Service Operation

      • Event Management

      • Incident Management

      • Problem Management

      • Request Fulfillment

      • Access Management

    • ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

      • Service Review

      • Process Evaluation

      • Definition of CSI Initiatives

      • Monitoring CSI Initiatives

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Documentation, Design, and Automation Integration:

    • Business and Application Analysis and Mapping

      • Application Data Flow Diagrams and Documentation

      • Business Process Flow Diagrams and Documentation

    • Business Process Integration with ITSM (Service Managment) and IT SRC (Security, Risk and Compliance) Systems:​

      • Define Metrices (what to measure) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ​

      • Obtain and Analyze Metrices and KPIs

      • Address Bottle-Necks and Make Improvements

      • Monitor and Continuously Improve

      • Provide Automated Communications and Reporting to Stakeholders

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