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Incident and Data Breach

It goes without saying that the words "Data Breach" keep most CISOs, CIOs, and even CEOs up at night. Almost every study shows that the threat of Security Hacks, Data Exfiltration, Ransomware, and let's not forget: ubiquitous Malware Infections, becoming real-life, "is this really happening to me?" incidents, are at the top of every IT leader's list of concerns. Ironically, preparing and budgeting for the detection, prevention, and response to such catastrophic scenarios, are not top priority... until it happens.  

Our IT Security, Risk, and Compliance advisory services are geared toward the detection and prevention of security incidents but we can be there for you when the unthinkable has happened. Everyone focuses on shutting down the attack or immediate threat and triage. That's great - it needs to be done. However, after the immediate response... the really hard work begins. There will be a LOT of questions from your boss, up the chain, and from customers, vendors, and perhaps from law enforcement, regulatory governmental bodies, and yes... even the media. 

Our decades of first-hand experience and expertise can guide you through that nightmare and help you answer those questions of what happened, how it happened, what was the impact, and more importantly, how can you reassure everyone that it will not happen again? While there are no guarantees, you CAN increase your preventative measures and reduce your vulnerability footprint. There are the standard things that you were, or should have been doing, like patching those darn servers, standardizing and hardening servers, performing annual access re-certification, performing backups (and testing those backups!), threat hunting, scanning your own network, etc. You do all those things, right? However, with so many ways for attackers to break in and exploit your data and systems, we can help you be strategic with your cyber-defense resources through indepth insight and effective prioritization. A little hand-holding goes a long way too... 

Call us before or after a security incident. We are here to help you. We offer:   

  • Post Incident / Data Breach:

    • Residual Risk Assessment

    • Remediation and Mitigation

    • Forensic Investigations

  • Third-party Service Provider Risk Evaluation

  • Incident Response Handling Assessment & Improvement

  • Incident Response Training and Documentation

  • Vulnerability and Threat Analysis & Mitigation

  • Cybersecurity Insurance Evaluation and Assistance

  • A knowledgeable and reassuring shoulder

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